Vivid Sydney 2009

A new festival was started in Sydney this year, with a number of major buildings such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Opera House being lit up at night.  We braved the winter's night to have a look around.


This is the Museum of contemporary art, and of course the Opera House was there too.


There are more shots in my gallery!




Lunch Time walk to Victoria Barracks

I went for a walk to these historical barracks in sydney to try out my new 35mm f1.4 lens. It looks like a keeper!

On the way I found a statue of Trim the cat, who was Matthew Flinder's cat on his navigational trips in the 19th century.  The feather makes it look like he just had dinner.

 I took a few shots inside the barracks to give the lens a bit more of a run



There are more of these shots in the Victoria Barracks gallery


Just starting out!

This site is very much a work in progress.

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